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September 25, 2023

MainStreet Macro: Chasing Growth

This week, in the absence of a video, I’d like to set a scene with words. Imagine you’re a hero, tracking a villain dead-set on mayhem. The fate of the economy hangs on your every move. Fraught with more tension than The Dark Knight, central banks around the world have been doing just that, turning their laser sights on interest rates as they try to chase down high inflation. Every decision carries high stakes, with the threat of a slowing economy menacing at every turn. It’s a fact that many economies don’t just fall into recession; they’re driven there by central banks that hike rates too aggressively.
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MainStreet Macro: What happens when the best choice isn’t available? (Asking for a friend)

by Nela Richardson, Ph.D.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but let’s be real: Sometimes dogs will settle for second best. It’s that way with the economy, too. Central banks are the economy’s best friends for now, but for how long?
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MainStreet Macro: The hidden truth about promotions

by Nela Richardson, Ph.D.

I really enjoy research that tells me something new, something I wasn’t expecting. And that’s exactly what my team delivered last week in Today at Work, our quarterly research publication.
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Measuring employee success in more ways than one 

by ADPRI Team

The newest issue of Today at Work delivers some surprising findings on promotions and debuts a new measure of worker sentiment.
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Today at Work: Promotion impact analysis

by Ben Hanowell

Research questions and technical notes

In the September issue of Today at Work, we examined employee motivation and commitment to their employer. My colleagues Dr. Mary Hayes and Jared Northup developed a tool – the EMC Index – to measure those aspects of worker sentiment, a project described ...

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How ADPRI constructed the Employee Motivation and Commitment Index

by Mary Hayes, Ph.D.Jared Northup

For nearly a decade, ADPRI has been collecting granular data on individual workers from a stratified random sample of people worldwide. In surveys of more than 490,000 workers in 29 countries, respondents have shared their feelings about their jobs, their colleagues, their organizations, their pay, their leaders, and many other workplace issues.

Our study reaches knowledge ...

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MainStreet Macro: Why we care about the care economy

by Nela Richardson, Ph.D.Jeff Nezaj

Last week, I previewed the Federal Reserve’s meeting at Jackson Hole, an annual convocation of central bankers, academics, and business leaders. This year’s theme was structural shifts in the global economy, so when I was asked to give remarks, I wanted to reflect on a labor market component that's not often discussed – the care economy.
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MainStreet Macro: Some pain, more gain. Powell’s warning, a year later

by Nela Richardson, Ph.D.

The Federal Reserve holds its annual conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this week. The high-profile symposium draws some 120 central bankers, financial executives, politicians, and academics, who meet to discuss important long-term economic policy issues. The highlight of the event is a Friday morning speech given by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Last year, Powell used his speech to deliver a warning for the economy: There will be pain.
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