September 25, 2023

MainStreet Macro: Chasing Growth

This week, in the absence of a video, I’d like to set a scene with words. Imagine you’re a hero, tracking a villain dead-set on mayhem. The fate of the economy hangs on your every move. Fraught with more tension than The Dark Knight, central banks around the world have been doing just that, turning their laser sights on interest rates as they try to chase down high inflation. Every decision carries high stakes, with the threat of a slowing economy menacing at every turn. It’s a fact that many economies don’t just fall into recession; they’re driven there by central banks that hike rates too aggressively.
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HR: How much is too much — or too little?

by Jeff Nezaj

We wondered whether HR offices were growing or shrinking, and whether beefed-up HR staffing has an effect on employee turnover. To find out, we use ADP data to look at HR staffing levels going back to 2018.
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