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Explore the most important Labor Market and People + Performance topics impacting the world of work today — and tomorrow.

Employee Engagement

Research that reveals what drives engagement most and how to create an environment for these drivers to occur inside an organization.

This 19-country study reveals the levels of engagement around the world and what drives it.

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Exploring disparities in pay, recruiting, promotions, and more.

A study on gender pay inequity to determine the relative contributions of recruiting, base pay, and incentive pay to an overall gender pay disparity across the U.S. labor market.

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Data-driven discoveries about the world of work and pay, and the reliable economic indicators derived from these findings.

A first-of-its-kind look into how U.S. wage garnishment activities affect the workforce.

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A global survey of employers and employees to evaluate perceptions of the payment landscape.

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Research that examines the benefits of Workplace Resilience, the methods for reliably measuring it, and how it can be improved at the level of the individual.

Learn what affects Workplace Resilience and how you can increase it within yourself and your team.

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Workforce research that illuminates the changing world of work for businesses.

A detailed look at how workers in the U.S. have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This study illustrates the impact of the gig workforce and the dynamics of the traditional workforce versus the 1099-M contractors and short-term W2 workers often referred to as “gig workers.”

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Employers and decision makers can gain a better understanding of the hierarchical structure of organizations, pay levels, how pay and promotions are connected and how employers retain workers throughout their organizations.

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This survey conducted in 13 countries uncovers the disconnect between workers and their employers around important factors such as talent management, recruitment, retention, and corporate performance.

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