The HRXPS: How to Measure the Performance and Impact of HR

Executive Summary

The HRXPS Model and Key Findings

September 30, 2021 | read time icon 10 min

by Dr. Mary Hayes, Dr. Frances Chumney, Marcus Buckingham
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This Executive Summary helps HR leaders and practitioners know, reliably, where to focus their efforts so they can make the most impact — and most notably, how the HR function can positively affect their organization’s talent brand.

Read the Executive Summary to learn about:

  • The HRXPS (HR XPerience Score) model for measuring HR service quality and how it was developed
  • The psychological experiences that drive higher HR service quality
  • What real-world actions and behaviors (like Engagement, talent brand, and intent to leave) this new metric can influence)
  • The characteristics that do (or do not) relate to higher HR service quality

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