Evolution of Pay Report | 2019


Visualization of Key Findings from the Evolution of Pay Report

May 01, 2019 | read time icon 5 min

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North American employers cling to paper checks, even though most employees do not use them or express an interest in doing so.

In North America, direct deposit is common. Over 80 percent of employers offer this payment method, and 80 percent of employees say they prefer it. Despite this strong preference, more than 50 percent of employers still offer paper checks. The persistence of this pay method is unique to North America and is not fully explained by employee usage or preference.

Infographic 53% of North American employers offer paper checks.

Employers believe that pay can have an impact on talent acquisition and retention, and employees say they are right.

Pay, in the form of compensation, has an obvious impact on talent recruitment and retention. Nearly all employers recognize that this is more far-reaching than pay itself and extends to pay as a perk.

Infographic When making a decision to accept a job offer, 36% of employees say the ability to select pay frequency would make a difference.

Employers believe that employee financial wellness impacts their business. Employees believe their employer can be a reliable source of advice regarding financial wellness.

Financial wellness is a top priority for employees, and they increasingly welcome the role of their employer in providing tools to help them better manage their finances.

Infographic 90% of younger workers say they would share personal information with a payroll provider in order to receive money management advice.