Workplace Resilience Study | 2020


MIT Sloan Management Review: The Top 10 Findings on Resilience and Engagement

March 01, 2021 | read time icon 10 min

by Marcus Buckingham
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MIT Sloan Management Review, March 1st, 2021.

This past year has threatened not only our physical health but our psychological wellbeing as well. Knowing precisely where we currently stand will help team members and team leaders alike determine which actions to take to survive and ultimately thrive. 

My colleagues and I at ADP Research Institute recently finished a global study of resilience and engagement in 2020, looking at levels of both across 25 countries, with a minimum of one thousand people per country for a total of over 26,000 participants surveyed. Our hope in conducting this research was twofold: first, to help you become more engaged and resilient in your own life, despite the deeply unsettling events in the past year. Second, to find ways that you can build engagement and resilience in those you lead.

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