March 6, 2023

MainStreet Macro: The goods on goods

We all know by now that the labor market is tight. But it’s also fragmented, with different sectors responding differently to labor shortages and higher interest rates. As Main Street employers scout for workers, for example, big tech companies continue to announce big layoffs.
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Workplace Spotlight Webinar: Illuminating the Shadow Workforce

Watch this installment in our Workplace Spotlight webcast series for an extended look into groundbreaking new research from ADPRI on the gig worker. Also, see how your organization can participate in the growing gig economy while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8bwpL_T94w[/embedyt]
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Illuminating the Shadow Workforce

Filling the Workforce Gap in the Gig Economy

There is a war for talent and skilled labor shortage, the gig workforce fills the gap to effectively improve productivity and lower cost. Most industries rely on an extended workforce and often hire 1099M contractors for their specialized skills.

Generally speaking, gig workers fill four types of gaps in a ...

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Insights into the Gig Economy for the Enterprise

ADP Research Institute illuminates the reality behind the gig economy and how it’s changing the world of work for businesses. This study illustrates the impact of the gig workforce and the dynamics of the traditional workforce versus the 1099-M contractors and short-term W2 workers often referred to as “gig workers”.

Gig workers typically fall outside ...

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Realities of the Changing World of Work

Businesses across most industries are using gig workers but if you ask a senior leader, they may not realize the impact of this extended workforce due to a lack of visibility. Often times, these “non-W2” workers may be paid through multiple channels — staffing agency, accounts payable, payroll and direct pay — which makes it ...

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Illuminating the Shadow Workforce: Insights into the Gig Economy for the Enterprise

Find out how the gig economy is changing the world of work for businesses.
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