EMC Index rose in November

November 21, 2023

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November 2023

The ADP Research Institute Employee Motivation and Commitment Index rose in November for the second straight month, reaching 105, its highest level since July.

A look into specific sectors shows that Information has experienced a considerable slump since July, a shift that’s not surprising considering this sector includes workers in television and motion pictures.

“With strikes having recently ended for both writers and actors, this index could be an important signal of changes in workforce sentiment for the Information sector in the coming months,” said Dr. Mary Hayes, Director of People & Performance Research at ADPRI.

The Employee Motivation and Commitment Index tracks how people think and feel about their jobs and employers. By providing a real-time measure of the state of worker allegiance, it can tell us whether workers are flourishing in their jobs, or detaching.

The ADP Research Institute publishes the EMC Index on the third Tuesday of every month. The next release will be Dec 19. For EMC Index historical data, visit ADPRI’s Data Lab.