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Labor Market

National Employment Report

Employment Change

October 2023

113,000 Change in U.S. private employment

Pay Insights

October 2023

57,800 Median Annual Pay For Job Stayers
5.7% Median Change For Job Stayers

NEW! Today at Work report

Committed and motivated workers can help a company’s bottom line, and they’re more likely than others to land promotions. But do employers have to worry about them jumping ship?


Today at Work blends ADP data representing more than 25 million U.S. workers with nearly a decade of continuing surveys of more than 490,000 workers in 29 countries. Combined, these data sets provide a recurring, people-centered, and comprehensive view of the world of work.

NEW! Introducing Data Lab

ADP Research Institute® launches Data Lab, a research-driven resource for workforce and economic news and insight.  Data Lab will employ interactive visualizations and ADP’s vast repository of proprietary data to deliver insights into the workplace, workplace behavior, and the broader labor market.


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We are researchers dedicated to measuring the world of work.

The mission of the ADP Research Institute is to generate data-driven discoveries about the world of work and to derive reliable economic indicators from these insights. We offer these findings to the world at large as our unique contribution to making the world of work better and more productive, and to bring greater awareness to the economy at large.

About the Institute