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EMC Index rose in October

October 24, 2023

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The Employee Motivation and Commitment Index tracks how people think and feel about their jobs and employers. By providing a real-time measure of the state of worker allegiance, the EMC Index can tell us whether workers are flourishing in their jobs, or detaching.

For more information about the index, see ADPRI’s Data Lab.

October 2023

The ADP Research Institute Employee Motivation and Commitment Index rose in October for the first time since June. The index was 104 in October, up from 100 in September. The index is down 14 percent from its December 2022 peak of 121.

“The EMC Index experienced a similar upward trend that began in October of last year, one that held strong through the fourth quarter,” said Dr. Mary Hayes, Director of People & Performance Research at ADPRI. “We’ll see if that seasonal pattern continues this year.”

The ADP Research Institute publishes the EMC Index on the third Tuesday of every month. The next release will be Nov. 21. For EMC Index historical data, visit ADPRI’s Data Lab.


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