March 6, 2023

MainStreet Macro: The goods on goods

We all know by now that the labor market is tight. But it’s also fragmented, with different sectors responding differently to labor shortages and higher interest rates. As Main Street employers scout for workers, for example, big tech companies continue to announce big layoffs.
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Wanted: Drivers for yellow buses

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Bus Driver Employment Trends

Bus drivers took a big hit from the COVID-19 shutdown. Schools were shuttered and workers were furloughed. After classrooms reopened, employment levels rebounded, but school bus driver ranks were 14% smaller in September 2021 than they were in September 2019.

Employment dropped most significantly for 25- to 34-year-old drivers. Workers in this age group fell by ...

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Summary of The Missing School Bus Drivers

This fall brought school re-openings and a return to in-class learning on a wide scale. It also brought a scramble to get bus drivers back behind the wheel. While most school drivers answered the call and returned to work, we found that about 13% of them are missing in action.

The ADP Research Institute used anonymized ...

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The Missing School Bus Drivers: A look at employment data before and after the COVID-19 pandemic

An analysis on school bus driver employment before and after the onset of the pandemic.
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