March 6, 2023

MainStreet Macro: The goods on goods

We all know by now that the labor market is tight. But it’s also fragmented, with different sectors responding differently to labor shortages and higher interest rates. As Main Street employers scout for workers, for example, big tech companies continue to announce big layoffs.
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The Workforce View 2020: Post-COVID-19

A global workforce view examining career optimism levels, flexible working arrangements, pay, and the gig economy.
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Flexible work: the reality on the ground

As lockdown measures came into place, employers were forced to support remote working practically overnight.

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Summary of the Workforce View Post-COVID-19

The advent of COVID-19 represents an unprecedented global health emergency and a critical economic test. So far, in terms of its impact on the world of work, in some respects so much has changed, but in others, the trends and issues we were seeing before the pandemic spread remain consistent across the six countries that ...

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Transform Your HR Strategy: Workforce View 2020

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