HBR: The Power of Hidden Teams

June 30, 2019

by Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall
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Read the main bar article in the May/June 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review’s The Big Idea: The Power of Hidden Teams. Global engagement is tragically low; but now we have the data to start making change.

Harvard Business Review launched its focus on Engagement as part of The Big Idea, its digital series on the most pressing issues facing business today: how it is measured, what it looks like around the world, and most importantly what drives engagement within organizations. To support these findings, HBR relied upon new and exciting research from the ADP Research Institute’s Global Study of Engagement – the largest and most reliable study of global worker Engagement yet undertaken.

These findings are the subject of The Big Idea’s article, The Power of Hidden Teams, written by Marcus Buckingham, head of ADP Research Institute’s Head of People + Performance and Ashley Goodall, coauthor, with Marcus Buckingham, of the Nine Lies about Work. We know that when employees are not fully engaged, organizations suffer – and now we finally have an answer as to what conditions at work are most likely to drive productivity in the workplace.

Read The Power of Hidden Teams, published in the May/June 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review’s The Big Idea.