Harvard Business Review: Becoming a More Critical Consumer of Information

June 10, 2021 | read time icon 10 min

by Marcus Buckingham
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Harvard Business Review, June 10, 2021.

Trust is our most important foundation for navigating a complex, data-filled world. And yet, an ADP Research Institute study shows that having a high level of trust in our colleagues and organizations is at its lowest level in recent memory. In a world where content marketing is on the rise, content makers are everywhere and can reach into your life more directly than ever before, there are three skills to help you confer your trust as wisely as possible. First is to look out for and call out practices that Weaken Our Relationship to Truth (or “WORTs”). Next, we need to become data-fluent by learning how to spot error-free data. Finally, we need to ensure the experts we listen to have knowledge and experience in the area in which they are speaking or writing.