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Today at Work: How to Turn Employees into Talent Brand Promoters

June 7, 2023

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In such a competitive environment, every employer should be thinking about their talent brand – the perceptions employees have about their companies, how those workers promote their employer to friends and family, and what they say about it online and to potential recruits.

Join Dr. Nela Richardson* and Marcus Buckingham, co-heads of the ADP Research Institute to learn data-driven insights including:

  • Why every employer should be thinking about talent brand.
  • Who are talent brand promoters and what drives them?
  • How can talent brand promoters be cultivated?

Because talent brand promoters are such a valuable group of employees – they are more engaged, more resilient, more connected, less likely to leave – what can the best companies do to turn more workers into talent brand promoters?

The Today at Work report is a quarterly workforce report that blends ADP’s extensive data set representing 25 million people with monthly worker sentiment surveys from a stratified random sample of 2,500 workers to provide a recurring, people-centered, and comprehensive view of the world of work. With this unprecedented analysis into the employee’s job lifecycle, ADP Research Institute is able to answer these questions and more with their exceptional data set and unique measurement tools for capturing how people feel about the workplace and how those feelings drive their actions.

Don’t miss this lively discussion with the rare chance to ask your questions live to Nela and Marcus on Labor Market and People + Performance research.  

Today at Work: How to Turn Employees into Talent Brand Promoters

June 7, 2023
1:00 PM ET