March 6, 2023

MainStreet Macro: The goods on goods

We all know by now that the labor market is tight. But it’s also fragmented, with different sectors responding differently to labor shortages and higher interest rates. As Main Street employers scout for workers, for example, big tech companies continue to announce big layoffs.
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Data Spotlight: Eight Things to Know About The Great Resignation in Healthcare

How HR professionals can provide a safe and and productive environment to those who care for us.
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MIT Sloan Management Review: The Top 10 Findings on Resilience and Engagement

MIT Sloan Management Review, March 1st, 2021.

This past year has threatened not only our physical health but our psychological wellbeing as well. Knowing precisely where we currently stand will help team members and team leaders alike determine which actions to take to survive and ultimately thrive. 

My colleagues and I at ADP Research Institute recently finished ...

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Explore Engagement and Workplace Resilience Around the World

View the data from the 2020 Global Workplace Study in each of the countries surveyed.
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Slides: Persevering Through the Pandemic Webcast

Select the download link below to access slides from Marcus Buckingham’s discussion about his latest groundbreaking global Employee Engagement and Workplace Resilience discoveries, including:

Levels of Engagement and Workplace Resilience around the worldWorkplace changes (some temporary, some permanent) impacting EngagementDrivers and causes of Engagement and Workplace Resilience – and how organizations can increase both Read more

SHRM: Be Upfront with Staff to Build Workplace Resilience

Marcus Buckingham and the ADP Research Institute surveyed 26,500 employees from 25 countries in June to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace. Buckingham revealed results of the study at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition held virtually Oct. 27-30.

The main conclusions were that workers’ resilience levels around the world are low— just ...

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HR Executive re: HR Tech Keynote (+ slides)

In an HR Tech keynote, author Marcus Buckingham shares new insights on resilience and how to measure the workforce’s ability to recover from a challenge. This article in Human Resource Executive provides a link to the live presentation. A PDF of the slides from the presentation can be downloaded below.

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HBR: What Really Makes Us Resilient?

What is resilience, and how can each of us cultivate it in our own lives?
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Global Workplace Study 2020

Learn the drivers of Engagement and Workplace Resilience, how workplaces have changed around the world, and how likely these changes are to endure.
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