March 6, 2023

MainStreet Macro: The goods on goods

We all know by now that the labor market is tight. But it’s also fragmented, with different sectors responding differently to labor shortages and higher interest rates. As Main Street employers scout for workers, for example, big tech companies continue to announce big layoffs.
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Webinar on the Quarterly Research Insights of Small Business

Tune in HERE as we share insights from our April 2022 Small Business at Work Survey

The state of small business labor market and insights from ADP Research Institute® regarding workforce trends:   

What are the challenges small businesses are currently facing?How has the rise of labor costs and wages impacted their business?What are company’s offering ...
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April 2022 Quarterly Research Insights into the Changing Landscape of Small Business

Small business owners are the backbone of the US economy and have always been strong and resilient, particularly during these last 2 years. As “the new normal” continues to evolve, small businesses will continue to face new challenges. How will small businesses continue to evolve and how can they prepare? Our latest survey provides new ...

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