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The Geography of Recent U.S. Wage Growth

Research Note

The Geography of Recent U.S. Wage Growth

July 14, 2022 | read time icon 11 min

by Issi Romem, Ph.D. & Nela Richardson, Ph.D.
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In 2021, about 1 in 20 salaried, private-sector workers in the San Francisco metro area earned more than $609,000. In the San Jose metro area, the heart of Silicon Valley, the corresponding figure was $692,000. Those exceptional pay levels are part of a new set of ADP Research Institute indices that track 26 million workers across the U.S. The indices, slated for public release later this year, track wage quantiles for private-sector workers and a variety of sub-groups at the metropolitan level.  In our new research note, The Geography of Recent U.S. Wage Growth, we preview the power of the indices and what they can teach us.

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