Employee sentiment rose in May: Get the latest from the ADP Research Institute’s Data Lab.

December 2021 Quarterly Research Insights into the Changing Landscape of Small Business


Webinar on the Quarterly Research Insights of Small Business

January 25, 2022 | read time icon 60 min

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Tune in HERE and watch as we share insights from our December 2021 Small Business @Work Survey:

The state of small business labor market and insights from ADP Research Institute regarding workforce trends:  

  • What has shifted in the workforce?
  • Trends shaping the economy
  • What are the challenges small businesses are currently facing?
  • How has the technology impacted productivity and efficiency?
  • Has the skill set for an employee changed since the start of the pandemic?

The future state of the workforce:

  • How many small businesses have employees working remote vs. on-site?
  • What is the future outlook of the workforce?
  • What does the future outlook look like for small businesses returning to ‘pre-Covid’ levels?