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June 14, 2021

MainStreet Macro: Should MainStreet Care about Student Debt?

This month, students around the country will graduate from college, vocational schools, and high school after a year of learning like no other.  Well it’s almost like no other.  One constant of higher education before and after the pandemic has been its high price tag. U.S. students owe a whopping $1.7 trillion in combined debt. Outstanding student loans have skyrocketed 90% over the past decade. Should Main Street care about student debt?
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November 7, 2017

Data Fluency Series #2: How to Get Reliable Ratings Data

How do we know that the people data we’re collecting is reliable? How do we know that it’s measuring what we say it’s measuring? And can you really measure something like performance in another person?
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October 31, 2017

Data Fluency Series #1: How to Tell Good Data from Bad Data

Bad data is a pervasive problem in our world, and especially in the world of work. People are being promoted and fired because this faulty data that actually tells us nothing about our employees.
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